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Letter to Parents

View letter to parents issued 10 Feb 2015 on road safety practices.

View letter to parents issued by Traffic Police on additional demerit points awarded against errant drivers in school zone.


Collection of GCE N Level Certificate and School Graduation Certificate

2014 4NT students can collect their N Level certificate and SGC from the General Office from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Official School Dismissal Time

The official school dismissal time for all students is 1 pm on Monday to Thursday and 1230 pm on Friday, provided no other lessons/programmes/activities are scheduled after that.


Westwood Policy

Unless an urgent response is required, there is no obligation for staff to respond to parents/students’ emails/messages after 7 pm on weekdays and during weekends. Prompt response will be given the next working day.


Assessment Calendar

Click here to view Assessment Calendar for 2015.