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E-learning Day

E-learning Day is scheduled on 25 April (Friday) 8 am to 1230 pm. All students are required to complete online assignments via AsknLearn or Ace-Learning portals from home. The school's computer labs will be opened for students who do not have access to computers and internet at home.


View E-learning Timetable.

View E-learning briefing slides.

View Guide to accessing AsknLearn portal.

View Guide to accessing Ace-learning portal.

View Guide to accessing online lesson actvities.

View Guide to using GoogleDocs.


Semestral Review 1

The Semestral Review 1 is scheduled from 28 April to 8 May. Click here to view the timetable for Semestral Review 1.


9 May is scheduled as Marking Day. All students are not required to report to school.


Principal's Message

Click here to view the Principal's message.



Westwood Homecoming 2014



Click on logo for more details about Westwood Homecoming Dinner.


Collection of School Graduation Certificate and Exam Certificate

Students from 2013 4EXP, 4NA and 4NT classes can collect their School Graduation Certifcate and Exam Certificate from the General Office on Mon to Fri, 9 am to 430 pm. Kindly bring NRIC for verification purpose.